Monday, January 22nd 2018

R.O. Crockett Leadership Advisory

What We Do: Strategic Thought Leadership



Traditional sales and marketing tactics are no longer enough in the fast-paced, global marketplace of today’s digital economy. Your customers and clients demand the companies they do business with become trusted advisors. They want knowledgeable executives they can rely on to help guide them through today’s hyper-competitive business maze.

We have years of experience working with many of the globe’s most powerful senior leaders—from Procter & Gamble, Motorola Solutions, Citibank, McDonalds and more. We use that experience to help companies turn executive leaders into industry thought leaders.

Even if senior leaders at your company are passionate about the business and knowledgeable about their industry, they are not necessarily thought leaders. Thought leaders are individuals actively and consistently sought out for insight, expertise, and counsel by people inside and outside the industry.  Once senior leaders become thought leaders, with the right approach they can leverage content to drive business to the door.

“We arm leaders with the new currency for business development and customer engagement: intellectual capital.” – Roger Crockett, President, R.O. Crockett Leadership Advisory


How We Do It: Strategy To Execution



First we work with the C-suite to develop an effective thought leadership strategy that not only promotes the brand but helps develop new business opportunities. Then we collaborate with senior leaders to create content that aligns with the strategy. We help create content — in a timely fashion — that is both smart and distinctive. All this happens without distracting senior leaders from their jobs. Then we distribute that content in a way that achieves both measurable reach and engagement with your key constituents, whether internal or external.

We assist in the strategic delivery of this content across a variety of platforms to win business. We utilize one or more platforms, including:

  • Blogs
    • Strategy, writing, editing and media placement
  • Videos
    • Strategy, production, placement
  • White papers
    • Strategy, writing, editing
  • Articles
    • Strategy, writing, editing and media placement
  • eMagazines
    • Strategy and execution
  • Social Networks
    • Strategy and execution
  • Events
    • We focus on strategic alignment and facilitating/moderating
  • Webinars
    • Strategic alignment, messaging, facilitating/moderating
  • Podcasts
    • Strategic alignment, messaging, facilitating/moderating


Diversity Services: Enhancing Global Performance

gpp-logoRoger Crockett is co-founder and principal of Global Performance Partners, an “action tank” that partners with forward-thinking executives, companies and institutions to deliver timely, industry-specific intelligence on the value of diversity and inclusion.  In doing so, we help you make diversity less of a burden and more of a magic bullet.

Click Global Performance Partners to learn more.


Our Clients

Our clients include an array of professional services firms, Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller companies and non-profits. For more information please contact us by clicking here.



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